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Right On Time

A Startling New Chronology of the Life and Passion of Messiah


     This book contains a supremely vital instruction manual: one which guides the Christian in showing anyone – his cleric, his church mate or just his next-door doubter – using his religion’s own sacred book the Bible, what date his own Savior was precisely born on.

      Precisely, exactly, specifically: down to the very year, month and day of the week.

     We follow a trail of evidence that begins by challenging the age-old consensus among scholars and clerics that the beloved Teacher called Christ Jesus of Nazareth died in his thirties, then proceeds to demolish that calcified yet mistaken teaching that he ministered on earth for three-and-a-half years! Bible autodidact, mathematician and educator Edwin Arceo will take you on a step-by-step journey to one particular and compelling calendar day, meanwhile cogitating with his readers on today’s growing negativity towards the idea of the winter birth of virgin Miriam’s infant son, and asks whether such skepticism is justified by the evidence available from Scripture, archeology, and mathematics.

      Is ecclesiastical tradition for a Friday death and Sunday resurrection consistent with the facts and figures of Bible and secular history, or is the more demonstrable position really the sectarian’s view, who favor a Wednesday crucifixion for the founder of the faith of billions. Or indeed, could the Passion have been on a Thursday and the Resurrection on a Monday as some in the outskirts of mainstream Christianity would like? Which better satisfies Messiah’s own “three days and three nights” comment?

     The findings in this book will both shock and instruct, intrigue yet edify: all through page after electrifying page of information you yourself can check out from your own Bible. These and more await both the curious and the more resolute of truth-seekers. This well-researched book will show you a picture of the Savior in a whole new light, fitted together masterfully from bushels of Old and New Testament clues that have been staring Christians in the face for ages. See how threads of answers your priest and pastor will not dare make from the Sunday pulpit weave together to form a veritable canvas upon which a grander portrait of God’s Son emerges. And all these spring from that one epic discovery born from the author’s years of investigation: the precise date of the Messiah’s birth!

       The true date of the Nativity has proven to be the penultimate key, as it were, to every other question ever asked about Messiah’s place in the chronological record. At what age did he really begin his mission, was baptized, and was put to death? In what years? Could half of what we know of the Incarnate Word be in total error?

      More than these, Edwin Arceo’s writings will put Messiah’s work in its proper context in relation to the larger dealings of the Divine with rebellious Israel and the subsequent rise of the ekklesia of the Gentiles. On top of it all, discover why Messiah’s advent, passion, death, resurrection, and enthronement were all according to a precise calendrico-mathematical design, each one coming right on time.

     Whether from the King James or Douay-Rheims, unearth the evidence with hundreds of others who have already gasped in disbelief for not having known better what familiar Bible passages have been trying to convey all along. This is first-class textual-hermeneutical detective work nowhere else seen in a long time!

      Along the way, learn what image of the very same popular object the mysterious Magi saw in ancient Mesopotamian skies has been appearing for years in your dear old high school science textbook! Discover why no human record survives today of the most massive war in history in 36 CE, involving an army of fifteen million, or how one helpless Roman infant signaled the end of the Israelite nation in 40 CE.

       There is more. There is so much more. Come and see for yourself.


Copyright © 2006, 2015 by Edwin Arceo

Alll rights reserved worldwide. Copyright violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Paperback and Kindle editions available at Amazon.com.

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